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PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) is a tool for planning and scheduling large and complex projects. PERT deals with the uncertainties in task duration times which are estimated as follows.

Optimistic time (To): the shortest possible time required to accomplish a task, with the assumption that everything proceeds as expected (considering all positive and favourable factors).

Pessimistic time (Tp): the longest possible time required to accomplish a task, with the assumption that everything goes wrong (considering all negative and obstructive  factors).

Most likely time (TL): the best estimate of the time required to accomplish a task, with an assumption of normal occurrence.

Expected time (TE): the best estimate of the time required to complete a task, it is calculated as given below.

TE = ( To+ 4 TL + Tp) / 6

 TE is used to develop the network diagram. It is helpful to find the  following four quantities for each activity of the project.

1. EST = earliest start time

2. EFT = earliest finish time

3. LFT = latest finish time

4. LST = latest start time

Critical path is determined for the project by connecting the critical activities (having zero slack)

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