Transportation Engineering

Transportation Engineering is related to design and analysis of Highways, Railways, Airports, Urban and Suburban Road Networks, Parking Lots, and Traffic Control Signal Systems.

Highway is defined as the main road intended for travel by the public between important  cities and towns. The Pan-American Highway is the longest international highway which connects many countries. It is nearly 48,000 kilometers  long. Whereas the Katy Freeway  in Houston, Texas, USA, is the widest highway having a total of 26 lanes in some sections.

Railway is an energy-efficient means of transport which runs on permanent way consisting of two parallel rails made of  steel and fastened to sleepers or ties which rest on ballast or secured to solid foundation. Rail transport is a major form of public transport in many countries.

Good knowledge of construction materials, geotechnics and equipments is also required by a transportation engineer.

Intelligent transportation system (ITS) is an emerging trend in leading countries which is based on applications of information technology. The components of transportation system (vehicles, roads, traffic lights, message sign etc) are now embedded with microchips and sensors enabling them to communicate with each other through wireless technology. ITS is aimed to improve safety, security and efficiency of transportations systems.

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BM & SF Calculator for Cantilever
Calculate SF & BM for Cantilever

Deflection & Slope Calculator for Cantilever
For many load cases of Cantilever

Overhanging beam calculator
For SF & BM of many load cases of overhanging beam

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