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stress transformation

The general state of stress at a point is represented by six indpendent normal (σ) and shear stress (τ) component, which act on the faces of an element of material located at that point. This state of stress is not often encountered in engineering practice. The engineers make simplifications of loadings on a body in order that the stress produced in a structural member can be analysed in a single plane. In such a case, the material is said to be subjected to a state of plane stress which is represented by two normal and one shear stress components as shown in the figure. These calculators will be helpful in finding the stress components due to rotation of axes (also termed as stresses on inclined plane), principal stresses and their orientation and the maximum shear stress and its plane.

By default these calculators are using the units of stress as MPa, but other units N/mm2, kN/m2, ksi, psi etc. can also be used without affecting the results.

These calculators can also be used for strain trnasformation because the equations are same in that case also just by ignoring the units as strains are dimensionless.

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BM & SF Calculator for Cantilever
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Deflection & Slope Calculator for Cantilever
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