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Bending Moment & Shear Force Calculator for uniform load on full span of simply supported beam

uniform load on full span

This calculator provides the result for bending moment (Mx) and shear force (Fx) at a distance "x" from the left support A of a simply supported beam carrying uniformly distributed load (UDL) on full span. It also calculates support reactions and maximum bending moment (Max B.M.) value as well as its distance from support A. In this case the maximum value of bending moment will occur at the midspan and will be equal to wL2/8. The typical diagrams for shear force and bending moment are also shown here. The bending moment diagram will be parabolic in nature and shear force diagram will be straingt line with zero shear force at the midspan which is the point of maximum bending moment also. To get more about shear force and bending moment diagrams please refer to our solved examples.

Please refer to the figure and enter the values of load and distances in the form given below and then press "Calculate". All upward acting loads are taken as positive and downward as negative. All the distances should be measured with reference to the extreme left end of the beam. You can visit instructions for bending moment calculator if you need more help.

Span of beam L (m):
UDL w (kN/m):
Distance 'x' (m):
Please make sure that
all the distances are Positive.

Reaction at A (kN):
Reaction at B (kN):
Shear Force at A, FA (kN):
Shear Force at B, FB (kN):
Shear Force Fx (kN):
Bending Moment Mx (kNm):
MC, B.M. at C (kNm):
Max. B.M. (kNm):
Distance of Max. B.M. point (m):

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