civil engineer

Video Lecture on Calculation of support reactions

June 1, 2019 info civil 0

Now the video lecture is uploaded with illustrated examples to determine the support reactions of a beam subjected to point load and uniform load. Visit […]

overhanging beam

Solving for SFD and BMD of Overhanging beam: Prob 5.5

September 27, 2016 info civil 0

Problem 5-5 Draw the Shear force and bending moment diagrams for the overhanging beam given in figure 5.5(a) above. Also determine maximum bending moment and […]

indeterminate beam

Solving Indeterminate beam by Slope Deflection Equations

May 12, 2016 info civil 0

Statically indeterminate structures are those which can not be solved by using equations of static equilibrium alone. Displacement method and force method are commonly used […]

pin-jointed plane truss

Truss member forces by method of joints

April 12, 2016 info civil 0

Pin-jointed truss develop axial forces (tensile or compressive) in its members if the external forces are applied only at the joints. Determination of member forces […]

propped cantilever

Solving problem of propped cantilever

March 25, 2016 info civil 0

Propped cantilevers are indeterminate structures. To solve such structures compatibility equations are also required in addition to equations of equilibrium. The following link has an […]

Bending Moment and Shear force Diagrm

February 24, 2016 CivilEngineer 0

Calculation of bending moment and shear force is very important for civil engineers. An excellent solved example for bending moment and shear force diagram for […]