GATE Preparation Tips for Civil Engineers

Preparation Tips to Crack GATE Civil Engineering Examination

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering), is a national-level examination conducted by IITs every year. The GATE exam in India is immensely popular among the M.Tech aspirants who want to secure admission in a reputed institute in India. Every year, more than 10 lakh aspirants appear for the GATE exam but only some would be able to make it through owing to the tough competition. The reason for this high level of competition is due to the fact that a good rank in the GATE exam will open job opportunities at various PSUs or higher education in the reputed institutes in India. But cracking the GATE Exam in Civil Engineering is clearly not a simple task because a higher level of questions is asked in the exam and therefore, the candidates have to be fully prepared for every level of the civil engineering questions. We have prepared these guideline to help the aspirants with useful tips to crack GATE Civil Engineering Examination.

Know the GATE Civil Syllabus
The most important thing for the GATE preparation is to have a clear idea about the entire GATE Civil Syllabus. Presently, GATE is one of the most competitive exams and therefore there is a vast syllabus to be covered by the candidates. Every candidate should go through the official GATE Civil Syllabus so that they don’t miss any of the important topics considered relevant for the examination. Once the candidate gets the idea of the marks weightage of each along with the difficulty level then they can develop their strategy for the preparation in a better way.

Understand the Exam Pattern
It is very important that in addition to the GATE syllabus, the aspirants should be familiar with the current version of the GATE exam pattern. The GATE exam pattern contains important details like mode of exam, duration of exam, marking scheme, types of questions, and so on. After getting a fair idea about the exam pattern there is good possibility of increasing the chance to achieve a high score in the examination. Hence, the candidates should carefully be familiar with the exam pattern to boost their GATE preparation.

Select Relevant Books
You will find a variety of GATE preparation books available in the market. But all of them can not be regarded as equally relevant for the preparation as some of them may have factual errors while some fail to meet the GATE exam standard. Therefore, the candidates should select the books carefully and should avoid picking up any random books. They should try to choose the books which have earned the best feedback and higher ratings by aspirants and recommended by the GATE toppers.

Attempt Mock Tests
Mock Tests are considered as one of the best sources of preparation for the GATE exams. After completing the syllabus, the candidates should try to attempt as many mock tests as possible. Mock Tests have been found to be more or less similar to the actual test in terms of the user interface, exam format, navigation process, and so on. Candidates will get benefit by attempting mock tests in the following way:
● Get familiarity with the exam.
● Improve the speed of solving the paper with accuracy.
● Helps in identifying strong and weak areas of them.
● Determine the level of the GATE preparation.

Solve Previous Year Question Paper
Solving the previous year’s question papers will also help the candidates in understanding the types of questions asked in the previous GATE examinations . When they solve last year’s question papers, they learn better time management, realize important topics and improve their problem-solving skills.

Regular Revisions
It is well known that the syllabus of GATE is very exhaustive and it is not possible for the candidates to retain everything in a single attempt. In fact, the topics that are covered easily are the ones that can be forgotten in short time. Therefore, it is advisable that the candidates should maintain the notes while preparing each topic and revise them once or twice a week to avoid any confusion after the completion of the syllabus. Even if you think that you are strong in any specific topics, still you should revise them often to remember important points clearly on the exam day.

You can also see the following solved examples for preparation of GATE Exam

Excellent Calculators

Stress Transformation Calculator
Calculate Principal Stress, Maximum shear stress and the their planes

Calculator for Moving Load Analysis
To determine Absolute Max. B.M. due to moving loads.

Bending Moment Calculator
Calculate bending moment & shear force for simply supported beam

Moment of Inertia Calculator
Calculate moment of inertia of plane sections e.g. channel, angle, tee etc.

Reinforced Concrete Calculator
Calculate the strength of Reinforced concrete beam

Moment Distribution Calculator
Solving indeterminate beams

Deflection & Slope Calculator
Calculate deflection and slope of simply supported beam for many load cases

Fixed Beam Calculator
Calculation tool for beanding moment and shear force for Fixed Beam for many load cases

BM & SF Calculator for Cantilever
Calculate SF & BM for Cantilever

Deflection & Slope Calculator for Cantilever
For many load cases of Cantilever

Overhanging beam calculator
For SF & BM of many load cases of overhanging beam

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