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Instructions for using Fixed Beam Calculator

(i). Sign convention
(a) The loads acting upward are considered as positive while the downward loads are taken as negative. Sagging bending moment is taken as positive and hogging as negative. The clock-wise rotation and moments are negative and anticlock-wise as positive.
(b) In case of Fixed-end moments, the anticlock-wise moment at left-end support is taken as negative; it will cause hogging moments in the beam, whereas at the right-end support the clock-wise moment is taken as positive which causes hogging.

(ii) All the distances should be measured with reference to the origin of axes which is taken at the extreme left end of the beam. All the distances should be entered in meter and load in kN. It will give the values of BM in kNm and SF in kN.

(iii) You can also quickly get the B.M. values at different sections of the beam, just by changing the position of section.

(iv) In case of more than one load, take the sum of the results of all the cases (apply principle of superposition). Calculated values can be used to plot the bending moment diagram.

(v) This calculator can also be used to find the ordinates of influence line diagram for structures.

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