civil engineer

Video Lecture on Stability and Determinacy of Structures

May 25, 2019 info civil 0

Now the video lectures on Stability and Determinacy of Structures is available on Youtube channel Please subscribe to our channel for getting updates on […]

reinforced concrete

Calculator for Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beam

December 1, 2018 info civil 0

Plain concrete is weak in tension. Reinforced concrete is produced by placing steel in the tension zone of the concrete beam. It is very widely […]

Calculator for Moment Distribution Method

August 2, 2016 info civil 0

Statically indeterminate beams are those which have number of unknown reactions more than the available equations of static equilibrium. There are many methods for solving […]

pin-jointed plane truss

Truss member forces by method of joints

April 12, 2016 info civil 0

Pin-jointed truss develop axial forces (tensile or compressive) in its members if the external forces are applied only at the joints. Determination of member forces […]

Structural engineering design

MIT Lecture notes on Structural Engineering Design

March 14, 2016 info civil 0

MIT open courseware is a great sources of online learning in higher education. The following link leads to lecture notes on Structural Engineering Design course […]