Reinforced concrete beam

Reinforced Concrete Quiz # 1

October 14, 2016 info civil 0

Reinforced Concrete is a logical union of concrete and steel. Plain Concrete itself is very weak in tension. Steel reinforcement bars give extra tensile strength […]

Transportation Engineering Quiz #1

April 13, 2016 info civil 0

Transportation engineering is related to design and analysis of highways, railways, airports, parking lots and traffic control systems. Thanks for taking quiz on Transportation Engineering. […]

retaining wall

Geotechnical Engineering Quiz #1

March 14, 2016 info civil 1

Geotechnical Engineering deals about analysis of subterranean rock and soil to determine its suitability to support the applied loads. Geotechnical study is very essential for […]


Structural Mechanics Quiz #1

February 17, 2016 CivilEngineer 1

Structural Mechanics deals with the behaviour of structures subjected to different types of loads. Thanks for taking quiz on Structural Mechanics. You can also visit […]