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Lecture Notes on raft foundation for low-rise structures or piling for higher-rise structure

Great Buildings: Construction details of great buildings

How House Construction Works Get full information about different stages in house construction.

Construction Technology Laboratories,  

Providing consulting, structural engineering, materials technology, and testing and research services. Offices in Illinois and Maryland.

Moladi Construction System

Produces a re-useable plastic formwork system for the construction of low cost homes and buildings. Primarily used in Africa.

Construction Technolgoy News Archive - McGraw-Hill Construction

Information Technology International; Construction Technology, Transportation construction technology news archive Construction of basement walls  
How hard are these to use for first timers? We are experienced DIY in home remodeling and are considering taking on this project. Is that wise or are we as.

Advanced Highway Maintenance and Construction Technology Research  
The Advanced Highway Maintenance and Construction Technology Research Center (AHMCT) extends the reach of Caltrans with technology, analysis,

ECTP: European Construction Technology Platform
The European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) will raise the sector to a higher worldbeating level of performance and competitiveness.

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Excellent Calculators

Stress Transformation Calculator
Calculate Principal Stress, Maximum shear stress and the their planes

Calculator for Moving Load Analysis
To determine Absolute Max. B.M. due to moving loads.

Bending Moment Calculator
Calculate bending moment & shear force for simply supported beam

Moment of Inertia Calculator
Calculate moment of inertia of plane sections e.g. channel, angle, tee etc.

Reinforced Concrete Calculator
Calculate the strength of Reinforced concrete beam

Moment Distribution Calculator
Solving indeterminate beams

Deflection & Slope Calculator
Calculate deflection and slope of simply supported beam for many load cases

Fixed Beam Calculator
Calculation tool for beanding moment and shear force for Fixed Beam for many load cases

BM & SF Calculator for Cantilever
Calculate SF & BM for Cantilever

Deflection & Slope Calculator for Cantilever
For many load cases of Cantilever

Overhanging beam calculator
For SF & BM of many load cases of overhanging beam

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Civil Engineering Quiz
Test your knowledge on different topics of Civil Engineering

Research Papers
Research Papers, Thesis and Dissertation

List of skyscrapers of the world
Containing Tall buildings worldwide

Forthcoming conferences
Containing List of civil engineering conferences, seminar and workshops

Profile of Civil Engineers
Get to know about distinguished Civil Engineers

Professional Societies
Worldwide Civil Engineers Professional Societies

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