indeterminate beam

Moment distribution method for solving indeterminate beam

February 27, 2016 CivilEngineer 0

Solve the following indeterminate beam by using moment distribution method. Take EI as constant throughout the beam.       Moment distribution method was developed […]

Bending Moment and Shear force Diagrm

February 24, 2016 CivilEngineer 0

Calculation of bending moment and shear force is very important for civil engineers. An excellent solved example for bending moment and shear force diagram for […]

Fixed Beam Calculator

February 20, 2016 CivilEngineer 1

Fixed beams are indeterminate structures. It is always required for a fixed beam to calculate fixed end moment, support reactions, shear force, resultant bending moment […]


Structural Mechanics Quiz #1

February 17, 2016 CivilEngineer 1

Structural Mechanics deals with the behaviour of structures subjected to different types of loads. Thanks for taking quiz on Structural Mechanics. You can also visit […]